Fitzgeraldo Sánchez, MDDermatologist, Bobby Buka MD

Dr. Fitzgeraldo Sánchez comes from a long line of dermatologists. Growing up in Puerto Rico, he witnessed his father, uncle, and cousin practice dermatology with a dedication that would inspire him to follow their in their footsteps. Now a leading practitioner in New York City at Bobby Buka MD, Dr. Sanchez is an expert pathologist, melanoma specialist, and academic and financial advisor for various renowned medical journals and institutions. Dr. Sánchez also offers surgical expertise in MOHS, laser and cosmetics as well as pediatric care.

Dr. Fitzgeraldo Sánchez is an active member of the American Academy of Dermatology’s Health Care Finance Committee, for which he reviews general dermatology cases and gives his professional opinion on the reliability and credibility of their methodology and findings. He also belongs to the Puerto Rico Dermatological Society, the Paul O’Leary Society, and Alumni Society of the Mayo Clinic.

In addition to his work as a practitioner, committee member, and editorial advisor, Dr. Sanchez is a Professor of Dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical Center (New York-Presbyterian), and Mount Sinai Hospital’s Dermatology Department. As a dermatology practitioner, Dr. Fitzgeraldo Sánchez is excited by the unique stories his patients share. His day-to-day interactions make the job worthwhile, as does the joy of witnessing patients get better through treatment.