Bladeless Laser Mole Removal

Remove Moles Without Cutting At All

The very best dermatologists and plastic surgeons deliver the very best looking scars. While we all try to leave patients with minimal scarring after any mole removal, patients should be aware that cutting the skin will leave at least some scar tissue behind. Taking great care of a healing surgical site is essential for a good looking result. Keeping the area hydrated and protected from the sun, as well as limiting mobility in the area, is an important start.

However, there are some moles that can be removed WITHOUT cutting at all! This remains a very exciting breakthrough for our field. Previously, physicians had been limited by the depth that our lasers could penetrate. A lack of cooling methods also limited how much energy we could deliver to a particular area of the skin. As laser technology improves, we are now able to penetrate deeply enough and with enough power to remove moles without surgery!

The photograph here depicts a nevus (mole) of Ota, a very specific kind of mole. This lightening took 6 sessions with our Nd:Yag laser. There are other moles and birthmarks that can be removed without a blade – a quick visit with us can determine whether removing your mole would require traditional surgery or may qualify for laser therapy. Best of all, many of these laser surgical procedures are now covered by your insurance plan!