Laser Tattoo Removal

Professional NYC Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the best solution to an ingrained problem! The tattoo pigment injected into the lower layers of skin (the dermis) becomes sealed away by a tough network of collagen fibers. It is, therefore, very difficult to remove the tattoo pigment without affecting the surrounding tissue. The alternatives to laser tattoo treatment involve either physically removing ink and the surrounding skin by surgical excision, or chemically destroy the pigment using acids. In either case, the surrounding skin is damaged and significant scarring would be an expected outcome of non-laser tattoo removal methods.

At our NYC and Williamsburg dermatology offices, we use very short pulse-durations of a Q-switched laser to break-up and quickly remove the tattoos you’re tired of wearing. Using our dual KTP/Nd-Yag laser, we can handle almost any color (sorry, white tattoo wearers). Reds and yellows respond to our 532 wavelength while darker colors are reserved for our 1064 frequency. The Q-switch allows us to reach peak powers that target pigment while sparing surrounding living tissue. The tattoo pigment particles heat up and break down into smaller particles; these minute particles are targeted by the body’s own immune system and removed. Because the energy is selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment, surrounding tissues are not usually affected and there is usually no lasting damage to the skin. That mean an industry-lowest incidence of any pigmentation changes or scars on your skin after the ink’s been removed!

The procedure duration at our Williamsburg or NYC dermatology office depends on the size of your tattoo but generally ranges from 2-30 minutes. Pain in minimal after application of a topical anesthetic and certainly less painful than the tattoo in the first place! The area then takes between 7 and 10 days to heal. Afterwards, the body’s own macrophages sop-up free ink like a sponge and whisk it away to the nearest lymph node for digestion. While your skin is healing, we ask that you please avoid direct sun exposure that can only slow your rapid recovery time.  Typically laser sites will heal completely over 2 weeks but pigment digestion continues for an additional 2 weeks. Look for a 20% reduction in pigment intensity with each session, space 4 weeks apart.