Banish Blemishes

Fractional lasers are safe and effective. Multiple laser columns target microscopic areas of skin and reach deep, to boost your body’s natural healing process. Even, healthy collagen replaces damaged skin, without affecting the surrounding area.

After a consultation, Dr. Buka will determine if the Fractional CO2 laser, Fraxel laser, or both are appropriate for you. When your appointment begins, the area to be treated will be cleaned and a topical anesthetic will be applied. After about sixty minutes, the anesthetic will have taken effect and the healing can begin. Generally, the treatment takes about ten to thirty minutes, depending on the size of the scar. You will experience very little discomfort during the procedure. The treated area will be red at first, and you'll be given a healing topical ointment to use for a few days after your session.
The price of treatment varies according to the size of the scar and the area of the body being treated. Dr. Buka will discuss your options and pricing during your consultation.