Botox for Jaw Reduction?

Botox for Jaw Reduction? I was wondering if it would be more beneficial to get more Botox injected the first time – so I don’t have to return to the office in just half a year. Maybe I could come back in a year to get another injection. Or, would it be better getting less and coming back to get more injected every six months? Is there a possibility, with repeated injections, that the jaw will permanently slim over time?

More Botox does not equal longer duration, or a longer durability of effect. The drug has a half-life that your body clears. Whether a little bit is injected, or a lot is injected, your body will eventually clear the drug. Although a ton of Botox can help with heavier muscle relaxation, it will not increase your durability of effect.

Nevertheless, patients who have repeated Botox over a long time, may not require as many treatments. Their muscles recover almost 100% each time. During their first treatment, patients’ muscles recover 100% after three to six months. After the tenth time, their muscles come back 95% or 96%. After a while, patients coming in for repeat Botox muscle relaxation will require less frequent injections. No matter the indication, whether it's squaring of jaw, reduction, or furrowing of brow, their Botox lasts longer. It lasts because their muscles haven't recovered 100%.