Cyst Removal

Sebaceous Cyst
Masses that can appear virtually anywhere on the skin are called sebaceous cysts. In most cases, these benign lesions occur on the trunk, neck, scalp and face. These cysts are actually found in men twice as often as they are found in women.

Normally, sebaceous cysts are asymptomatic, but in some cases, they can become infected or inflamed. Although it’s quite rare, sebaceous cysts can produce foul-smelling discharge. Many people prefer to have their cysts removed and all that is required is a simple procedure involving local anesthesia.

How Cysts Are Removed
Any cysts that are located on the skin can be removed easily. The area containing the cyst will be cleaned and numbed. Surgical excision is used to remove the cyst. However, the entire cyst wall must be extracted. After the cyst removal, stitches are used to seal the incision. In most cases, the stitches will be removed anywhere from one to two weeks later.

Does Cyst Removal Create A Scar?
All surgical procedures will create some form of scarring. The scar will obviously form in the area where the cyst was removed. However, Dr. Bobby Buka will do his best to ensure scarring is minimal. Also, scarring will improve over time.

Is The Procedure Painful?
During the procedure, most patients experience only minor discomfort. A numbing injection is administered before the procedure, which is usually the only portion of the treatment a patient will actually feel. Although some patients experience minor soreness, most people will not experience any pain or soreness.

Where Can I Have My Cyst Removed?
Anyone who needs to have one or more cysts removed can go to Dr. Bobby Buka’s office, which is located is New York City.