Is 20 milligrams a week of Accutane enough to stop oily skin?

This is an untraditional, yet viable route to combat oily skin. Even 10 milligrams every day for this off-label indication would do just fine. With ten milligrams a day of Isotretinoin, you will be able to decrease sebum production, leading to a less oily complexion.

There are no specific recommendations for monitoring blood work using this low dose for an extended period of time. Some additional risks, such as bony problems, can result in bone weakness and hyperostosis, when using the medicine for a long-term.

However, we have done this on some occasions for patients who have recalcitrant, oily skin.  Expect results to become evident within a month. When the duration of the prescription is complete, there are additional ways to topically combat oily skin like high potency, topical retinoids.