RealSelf Q&A with Dr. Buka

Q:  I have a birthmark which is lighter than my surrounding skin. Is there any treatment for that?

A:  There's no easy fix, but there are options available!

Lighter or “hypopigmented” birthmarks can range from collections of pigment high in the dermis (rather than spread throughout) to vascular insufficiencies that result in a harmless patch of whitish skin. Nearly all hypopigmented birthmarks are benign, however, there are a few that may be a indication of an inherited syndrome (like ash leaf spots in Tuberous sclerosis).

Admittedly, no matter what the cause, repigmenting skin is far more challenging for dermatologists than lightening darker birth marks which can be a challenge in its own right. If the hypopigmented birthmark is small enough, we can excise it and bring normally colored skin on either side together to even the skins appearance.