It all started on a farm.

Not just any farm, but a place dedicated to growing only organic and healthy products – because it’s owned and operated by a doctor who has seen first-hand the results of our unhealthy choices.

Rather than simply treating the effects AFTER the impurities have done their damage, Dr. Bobby Buka – one of New York’s top Dermatologists – literally grew his own pure ingredients, and developed a formula to help people keep their largest organ healthy and strong: their Skin.

A 60-day Superfood Supplement uniquely crafted to support normal structure and function of skin, hair, & nails. Formulated to blend the best neutraceutical ingredients with the very latest in proven dermatologic science. So take the guess work out and skip the soft science distractions. One superfood tablet daily – made by your board-certified dermatologist – for your best skin.



COCONUT OIL: anti-pathogen, soothes inflamed skin, reduce redness, and rehydrate.

FISH OIL: provides long-chain fatty acids to help maintain skin’s smooth elastic texture and has shown a promising role in melanoma prevention. 

VITAMIN D3: enables our skin to quickly process proteins, aiding dermal replenishment while preventing skin malignancies. 

BIOTIN (Vitamin B7): serves as a co-factor for faster hair and nail growth. 

ASHWAGANDA: inhibits the expression of malignant skin cells. 

CERAMIDES: regulate the differentiation of skin cells to form the ideal skin barrier. 

SPIRULINA (oceanic algae): promotes the activity of T cells vital for our skin’s immune system. 

BROMELEIN: aids the dermal vascular system – whisking harmful toxins away. 

HYALURONAN: aids wound healing and scar formation by modulating inflammatory levels. 

TUMERIC: exhibits strong anti-neoplastic and antimicrobial activity.

RUTIN: stimulates fibroblasts to improve dermal density, elasticity, and wrinkling. 

CURCUMIN: demonstrates bactericidal activity against pathogens attacking the skin’s surface.